Crossbell Faucet
Get $CSB fromCrossbell Faucet
  • 1. 0.02 CSB per address per day.
  • 2. Only for address with less than 0.02 CSB.
What is a Faucet?

A Faucet is a tool that provides a small amount of funds to start using a cryptocurrency ($CSB) without having to buy some.

You can claim $CSB from the faucet to start playing on Crossbell.

How much $CSB do I need?

Transactions on Crossbell network are fast and cheap!

0.02 CSB should normally allow you to do 100-1000 transactions on Crossbell. The exact number depends on the complexity of your transaction.

So, please do not claim more than you need. Let‘s make this community healthy :)

I need more $CSB!

If you want to get more $CSB for your project or particular use case, please contact us on Discord or [email protected].

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💡 Tip: $CSB is used on these Ecosystem Apps:

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